One of Kanye West's most recent interviews (not involving Forbes) that has been celebrated by his fans was with Charlamagne Tha God. We may be nearing the second part of their talk as, this morning, West woke up with a sudden urge to speak with the radio host, revealing that they chatted on the phone.

Returning to Twitter after a wild week, Kanye shared two posts. One was in support of the brand new record from Kid Cudi and Eminem, who he refers to as his boys. The other revealed his talk with Charlamagne Tha God.

"Good morning brother it's Kanye," wrote the Presidential hopeful in a text message. 

"Peace King. Yes sir," replied the host of The Breakfast Club and the Brilliant Idiots podcast.

A picture of their text message conversation was shared without a caption so nobody knows if they have an interview planned or if this was just a friendly conversation between boys. 

In the past, Charla and Ye have connected over their shared journeys navigating their mental health. It was reported that Kanye is in the midst of a major bipolar episode, which he has not confirmed. 

Kanye West Charlamagne Eminem Kid Cudi
Brad Barket/Getty Images

Do you think a part two is on the way?