When Kanye West Ye was working on his never-released studio album Yandhi, the Chicago music legend told reporters that he planned to complete the project during a trip to Africa, declaring that he was off his medication and welcoming "Alien Ye" into the fray. That happened three years ago and, since then, the rapper has released his latest studio album DONDA, and made numerous other major moves to further himself as a multi-billionaire creative genius. 

Following his announcement that Sunday Service was finally returning this past weekend with appearances from Marilyn Manson, Roddy Ricch, Justin Bieber, and others, Ye appeared with a new look, pairing his fresh haircut with a set of shaved eyebrows, reminding some fans of his "Alien Ye" phase.

During Sunday Service, as well as a shopping trip earlier in the weekend, fans captured clear shots of the artist without eyebrows. Some of his supporters are questioning his mental state following his questionable stylistic choices over the last few weeks, while others are celebrating Ye's fearlessness. Almost unanimously though, nobody has a clue what Ye was thinking when he took a blade to his brows.

Check out some recent photos of Ye below, as well as some reactions from fans underneath, and let us know what you think of No-Brow Ye.