As some of you may have heard, Kanye West has made a return to Twitter, and the millions of Kanye fans around the world are hanging on to his every word. As an extra bonus for the fans of his YEEZY clothing line, Kanye took to Twitter to share a photo of an unreleased sample of the YEEZY Rat Boot, in a brand new brown colorway. 

Kanye was very excited about the boot, writing in the tweet that he had, "been reworking the production shape on these #RATBOOTS 🐀🐀🐀for 6 months. I'm super happy with them. I'm excited about the ability to give a boot the true YEEZY shape. Feels more future."

What draws the most immediate attention is that brown colorway. While the YEEZY Rat Boot has been released in colorways ranging between various shades of tan, there has yet to be a dark brown colorway similar to the one Kanye's posted in this picture. 

It's unclear whether the boot is a sample from an upcoming YEEZY season, or whether it was always meant to be left on the production floor. Kanye should know how unfair it is to tease his fans with something they want, only for it to be taken away. The Rat Boot has only recently been released in the "Taupe" and "Graphite Suede" colorways, so perhaps we'll be blessed with a surprise drop some time soon.

What do you guys think about this YEEZY Rat Boot colorway, should it stay unreleased or do you need it yesterday?