Caitlyn Jenner is documenting her transition from Bruce Jenner in an upcoming TV series, "I Am Cait." The documentary series is set to air this coming Sunday, and will, unsurprisingly, feature the many Kardashian/Jenner siblings. The show will also see an appearance from Kanye West, who has reportedly been extremely supportive during Caitlyn's transition, and helped Kim cope with the fact that her once step-father wanted to be a woman.

In the season premiere, E! reports that Caitlyn will visit both Kanye and Kim at home, to meet them for the first time. In the scene, Kim tells Caitlyn, "You look beautiful!" adding that she resembles the model sister Kendall Jenner, "You know, the one thing I'm really shocked about is how skinny you are. You literally look like Kendall. Like Kendall's mom."

Kanye, on his part, tells Caitlyn, "I think this is one of the strongest things that have happened in our existence as human beings, that are so controlled by perception. You couldn't have been up against more."

Catch Caitlyn, Kanye and Kim on the show premiere, this Sunday at 8 PM.