If there is one thing Kanye West is not shy about talking about, it's his love for Kim Kardashian. He's gone on at length in many a interview about how it was love at first sight with Kimmy K and so a marriage proposal seemed inevitable. In his recent spurt of interviews he's talked about his over-the-top proposal and he's defended Kim Kardashian as a celebrity whose talent is her beauty.

In his interview with Ryan Seacrest yesterday, the rapper spoke on how influential his baby mama is, saying that she one-ups President Obama's First Lady, Michelle Obama.

"There's no way Kim Kardashian shouldn't be on the cover of Vogue. She's like the most intriguing woman right now. She's got Barbara Walters calling her like everyday," Kanye West said of Kim. "And collectively, we're the most influential with clothing. No one is looking at what [Barack Obama] is wearing. Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a [bikini] pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day." 

"[Former French Vogue editor] Carine Roitfeld supports my girl. That's a breakthrough," 'Ye explained. "There's a wall of classism that we are breaking through."

During his conversation with Ryan Seacrest, Kanye talked about the engagement ring he gave Kim, revealing it was but four hours old when he gave it to her.

"The ring was four-hours-old from when I put it on her finger," Kanye said of the 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond. "I had to pick it up in L.A. I was working on it for a while. I was working on it with four different jewelers. I just put it in my bag."

Kanye also discussed his 'creative genius' title, and how it means he has to 'turn up' in everything he does-- including a marriage proposal.

"When you say stuff like, 'I'm a creative genius', everyone looks at you like you're crazy. So I'm like, 'Okay, I'm about to turn up. I'm going to turn up on this engagement. I'm going to turn up on this show. I'm going to turn up on this merch we just did with this pop up store on Melrose.' I just had to turn up completely because I've been trying to create outside of the box of being a musician," he said. "And I've talked to people who would have the power to allow me to go to the next level and they just look at you like you're crazy or they just try to put you in like a music box, and at what point do you see something and say, 'Yo, he really might be like Walt Disney. He really might be that creative and not just a rapper.'"

Listen to the full interview with Ryan Seacrest below.