This weekend, Kanye West took his Jesus Is King listening experience to Washington D.C., making stops at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium and at Howard University's homecoming celebration. 

While at the former, West gifted attendees with an update on the whereabouts of the pending album, revealing that we could expect for the effort to arrive within two weeks, confirming an October 25th date as the official arrival, the same date that the film of the same name is scheduled to debut in IMAX theaters

Given the extensive wait that came of the original release date for Jesus Is King with no actual release attached in the end, we'll certainly look forward to an October 25th release, but won't hold our breath.

The effort was originally set to debut on September 27th before being pushed back to September 29th. By the time that Monday the 30th came around, its release was delayed indefinitely.

While at Howard, Kanye took on the "Sunday Service" format, taking the chance to speak attendees at the HBCU. While he touched on politics and his faith as he usually does, he made a dark attempt at adding a dash of humor to his delivery this time around. 

"You don’t always have to agree with me," he declared. "But, if they throw the slave nets again, how about we don’t all stand in the exact same place?"