We’re barely a week into Kanye West’s “Yeezus” tour, and already many aspects from the show are making lasting impressions. One of those impacts being the merchandise from Kanye, which as of starting tomorrow (10/25), will be sold at PacSun stores and online.

According to a Tweet from Pacsun, the highly-coveted merch that is reminiscent of '80s metal bands will be widely available, and you will no longer need a ticket to warrant copping the merch.

Earlier this year, Pacsun stocked clothes from Been Trill, the label from the minds of Kanye associates Virgil Abloh, Matthew Williams, and Heron Preston. According to an interview with Nicky Diamonds, of Diamond Supply Co., Kanye knows the CEO of Pacsun, and it looks like they're both about to make some serious dough.

There’s no word on what exactly Pacsun will be carrying, but seen below, are prices of what the merch is currently going for on tour.

T-shirts: $35, $40 for XXL

Sweatshirts: $80

Tote bags: $20

Trucker hats: $35

Check out the merchandise from the tour in the gallery above. You copping anything?