We've known a film for Yeezus has been in the works for a minute now. In February we got confirmation from the author of "American Pyscho", Bret Easton Ellis, that he'd been working on writing a film with 'Ye, and that was soon followed up with an official trailer for the film was released via Kanye's website. The trailer contained clips of the "Yeezus" tour, finishing off with the music from Yeezus ("On Sight"). The trailer let us know the film was directed by Hype Williams, and said it was "coming to theatres", although there was no indication of how soon that might be. 

Today the roll out for the "Yeezus" film continues, with a new movie poster for it having been revealed by Milk Studios on Instagram. The allusions to "American Pyscho" continue, with the poster being stark white and showing some drops of blood, while the words "YEEZUS" are in bold black font at the top.

Check it out in the gallery above. Still no word on when we can expect the film.

[via MissInfo]

[UPDATE: Roc Nation Confirms The "Yeezus" Poster Is Not Official]

Yesterday an "American Psycho"-inspired poster for Kanye West's impending "Yeezus" film began circulating yesterday, however, as many speculated, the poster is not official.

Roc Nation has confirmed with Pitchfork that a real "Yeezus" poster has yet to be released.

Stay tuned.