The last few updates on Kanye West's new album have involved Paul McCartney. Most recently, Ty Dolla $ign revealed that he had worked on nine songs with Kanye and Paul, but when it comes to Mr. West, we knew there was no way of knowing how many (if any) of those collaborations would make the final cut.

According to Ibn Jasper, Kanye's close friend and barber of almost 20 years, Paul will co-produce the entirety of the album, so we're likely to hear a good deal of those tracks Ty was talking about.

Ibn also cleared up the confusion over whether the just-released "FourFiveSeconds" was now a Rihanna song or would be saved for Yeezy's album. The answer is both, as the Roc Nation-signed artists will each put the song on the final tracklist of their respective releases.

View the screencaps of Ibn's Instagram comments above, and check out the new song here.

[Update: Rolling Stone Says Not True]

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Paul McCartney did NOT co-produce Kanye's entire next album, reps for both Paul and Kanye tell the magazine. Whether Ibn was just miss-informed or on one, there's no denying the fact that Paul had a large impact with it, making it on the first two singles.

Either way, we'll keep you posted on any further insight into Kanye's upcoming album.