We've reached a day and age when a new Kanye West interview is an event in and of itself. Thanks in part to his iconic "George Bush hates black people" quip in 2005 and a pair of headline-worthy outbursts two years ago, Mr. West now commands millions of peoples' attention every time he makes an appearance on a talk show, even when the discussion centers on something as inconsequential as a sneaker launch

Tomorrow, West will make a repeat performance on Zane Lowe's BBC 1 program, returning to the studio that housed one of his most infamous interviews of all time. We're expecting another full round of quotable quips, brash displays of ego and descriptions of seemingly-useless clothing items (remember leather jogging pants?). But before we get to experience a brand new Kanye interview, let's look back at the most noteworthy interviews of his career, from his heartfelt apologies to his berating of hosts. The Katrina video, which might be his most infamous, isn't included, as it wasn't technically an interview.