Kanye West's new album is just over a week away. The last we heard, it was called WAVES, but it seems very possible it could change at any moment. Either way, Ye is rolling out the promo, revealing his new Rolling Stone cover, which he revealed is shot by Tyler, The Creator.

Even without the knowledge of his involvement, Tyler's touch is pretty apparent from the image, which looks very Terry Richardson-esque and features some big pink capital letters, spelling KANYE, as well as the tagline, "Does he like mustard?", which may have some relevance, but judging by the Odd Future rapper's sense of humor, could be entirely random.

Check it out below. Are you a fan?

[Update: Rolling Stone Says It’s Not An Official Cover]

Well it turns out Kanye West got us pretty good today, after he tweeted out a picture of what we thought was his cover for Rolling Stone that was shot by Tyler The Creator.

Moments ago, Rolling Stone Magazine took to twitter to confirm that the photo circulating the web is NOT an actual upcoming magazine cover. However, Kanye still believes that it should be, and even took a poll on twitter asking followers if the photo should make the cover?

Check out the tweets below…