Kanye West's highly anticipated interview with The Breakfast Club hit the web this morning, and at 57 minutes long, there's a lot of information and gems packed into it.

During the conversation, Kanye touches on all his recent endeavors, from the Grammys, his dinner out with Taylor Swift, and his adidas sneaker launch. However it's towards the end of the interview that we get the really good information. First, when it comes to his upcoming untitled album, Kanye says that release dates are played out, so expect a surprise release from him. 

Later, he discusses how the idea for his new single "Wolves" came about. Although there is no Drake feature on "Wolves" (instead it's Vic Mensa and Sia), according to 'Ye the title came from a conversation he had with Drake about doing a collaborative album together. The joint album was going to be called Wolves (!). 

"The 'Wolves' song came from a conversation that me and Drake had, when was gunna do an album together, and the album was called Wolves," he revealed.

"I asked him [Drake], and we talked about it, and he said yeah we was gunna do it. And actually, he was sending beats back and forth, I got this one record with Young Thug that I think we gunna put on Rihanna's album," he added as an afterthought.

As Kanye said, now that he's put this out into the world, hopefully it'll happen ("I dunno it might happen cause I threw it out here. He might be mad that I mentioned it on y'all show cause he dislike y'all so much"). Would a Kanye x Drake album break the internet? Watch the full Breakfast Club interview here.