There have been heavy rumors of a new collaboration between Kanye West and Eminem but, given Ye's vow to never make secular music again, it was unclear whether that track still existed.

With Kanye's recent activity on Twitter, creating a very transparent relationship with the world and sharing copies of his record label contracts, the Chicago native took time to thank Eminem, confirming that their collaboration exists and noting that it's actually his daughter's favorite song.

"@Eminem Thank you for rapping on the Dr Dre remix of my daughter’s favorite song of mine USE THIS GOSPEL," wrote Kanye in his first tweet. Then, basically repeating the same thing, he tweeted again. "@Eminem THANK YOU FOR RAPPING ON THE DR DRE REMIX OF USE THIS GOSPEL I HAVW ALWAYS LOVED AND RESPECTED YOU AND IM HONORED TO HAVE YOU BLESS THIS SONG ... ITS ALSO NORTH WEST’S FAVORITE KANYE WEST SONG OF ALL TIME."

It will definitely be interesting to hear the remix of "Use This Gospel" with Eminem and Dr. Dre. The original song featured a Clipse reunion with Kenny G on the saxophone. Has the production changed with Dr. Dre on board? And will Em be rapping about God? We have so many questions!

Hopefully, we get to hear this song one day. Are you down for Kanye x Eminem?