Kanye West and his wife have been on lockdown for most of this week, after Kim was robbed by five men and held at gunpoint in the apartment she had been staying in for Paris Fashion Week. News of the robbery circulated while Kanye was in the middle of performing his headline set at the Meadows Festival in NYC. Upon being told of his wife's terrifying predicament, he stopped the show and flew straight to Paris. They arrived in NYC the next day with a massive security detail, and the press wasn't able to get a shot of Ye or Kim until last night at around 1:30 AM (Oct. 6), when Kanye was spotted leaving Milk Studios in Manhattan. He was surrounded by a security team as well as Jonathan Cheban, a good friend of Kim's, and Corey Gamble, who's dating Kris Jenner. 

The three of them were reported to be in the studio for about four hours. Upon making his exit, Kanye looked to be in a "glum mood," according to the Daily Mail. With the assault on Kim, and with the investigation of the burglary still underway, Kanye's creative plans have already taken a hit. He rescheduled two of this week's "Saint Pablo" shows, though the tour is set to pick up again tomorrow night in his hometown of Chicago.

While Kim is undoubtedly still recovering, it's good to see that Kanye's ready to start working on music again. One has to think that he'll address the Paris incident on a future record.