It's been a weird year so many this might not shock you as much as it might've in 2019 but Kanye West and Nick Cannon have sat down for an upcoming episode of Cannon's Class. Now, you might recall that rant Kanye went on underneath a bridge in Chicago a few years where he gave Nick a stern warning about mentioning his wife's name. Well, if Kim and Amber Rose could pose for a selfie together then apparently, 'Ye and Nick can sit down for an episode of a podcast.

In a snippet that was unleashed onto the interwebs earlier today, Nick provided a quick glimpse into the conversation between two of America's most canceled. Heading to Kanye's ranch in Wyoming, Nick asked 'Ye about his presidential walk and the rumor of getting paid to run for president.

"People keep saying, 'I think you and Republicans are in cahoots,'" Ye said. "Bro, can't nobody pay me. I got more money than Trump!"

When Nick told Kanye that people believed he was being a distraction, especially those who don't want another four years of Trump, Kanye doubled down on his campaign. "I'm not running for president," 'Ye said in the clip. "I'm walking."

Check it out below.