Kanye West's Twitter feed has been described by some as the gift that keeps on giving, a constant source of insight from one of hip-hop's most fascinating minds. Today, Yeezy let fly an interesting batch of reflections, with one of which happening to respond to a recent trolling effort from Lil Uzi Vert.

In case you missed it, Uzi shared a brief video where he mischievously challenged that "Kanye West wasn't fucking with him." "When I be making them songs, and they only go platinum once, I do that on purpose," says Uzi, his smile giving away the game. In fact, Uzi's self-deprecating demeanor seems to suggest nothing but respect for Yeezy, though it's not exactly clear as to whether Kanye caught the sarcasm in the first place. 

Taking to Twitter, Kanye actually responded to Lil Uzi's little clip, suggesting that he understands the cocky attitude -- even lives by it himself, using Steve Jobs as an example. "I love UZI I be saying the same thing about Steve Jobs I be feeling just like UZI," writes Kanye, hinting at the scope of his ambition. Check out Ye's reply below, and who knows -- perhaps these two zany creatives can join forces to concoct something truly otherworldly. And maybe, just maybe, it will go platinum more than once in the process.