Sneaker heads and casual fans alike have come to associate Kanye West with his signature "Red October" kicks, which were immortalized in his lyrical canon through "Hold My Liquor" and more. And while the brilliant Mr. West is currently nursing some ties to Adidas, that doesn't mean he's finished with their counterpart, the ubiquitous Nike. According to a report from TMZ, Kanye West is looking to bring his iconic shoe back into the fold; the prolific recluse has taken a foray down from the Wyoming Mountainside to attempt locking down an exclusive "Red October" trademark.

In case you're unaware, Kanye originally released the sneaker back in 2014, around the time he embarked on his now-legendary Yeezus tour. The shoe became something of a holy grail for collectors and hypebeasts worldwide, and the camp-out lines rivaled those of Star Wars The Phantom Menace. Suffice it to say, many feel as if the "Red October" line was Kanye's tour de force, and it's likely that Yeezy wants to capitalize on their revered status. 

If the trademark does get approved, it would open the door for all manner of "Red October" related paraphernalia, including a wide variety of clothing and lingerie items. Know Kanye, the sky is the limit, and it wouldn't be surprising to see some outside-the-box uses of the brand. Apparently, Yeezy's original attempt to trademark fell through after the rapper was negligent on his paper-work duties. Still, it's no wonder he had a change of heart, as the "Red Octobers" are allegedly retailing for thousands.