If you haven't heard by now, Kanye West is reportedly unhappy with President Donald Trump. So unhappy that he deleted all pro-Trump tweets yesterday in a fit of disgust.

While we don't know what exactly set 'Ye off, we do know that he now joins a large mass of people who have publicly declared themselves to be anti-Trump. However, it seemed that Kanye had taken things a step further when a Trump diss record from New York rapper King Myers surfaced yesterday crediting West for the production. The track, titled "Propaganda" not only credits 'Ye but also uses his Twitter Avi as his artwork. It all seemed so official, and King Myers even claims to be signed by G.O.O.D. Music.

But according to TMZ, 'Ye's sources claim that The Life Of Pablo rapper had nothing to do with the track and has instructed his legal team to take action to remove his name and artwork from the song.

While we are unsure of what exactly is going on with this situation, we are sure that someone isn't telling the whole truth here. You can check out the record from King Myers below and stay tuned for more details on this situation.