A few days ago, Kim Kardashian was inspired to tell the "Barbie Story" that never came to be. According to the entrepreneur, hubby Kanye West almost convinced Mattel to create a "Kim K" Barbie doll based around a look she premiered in 2011. For those of you who remain interested in the story, Kim's Barbie likeness was essentially going to be modeled after the black dress silhouette pictured below.

Although Mattel eventually pulled the plug on the project for contractual reasons, Kanye West was seemingly able to bargain for a single prototype model, made exclusively for his wife, in order to make her lifelong "Barbie" fantasy come to life. "Kanye knew how sad I was, called Mattel & made all my dreams come true by having my prototype made just 4 me!" she writes on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian's foray in the BarbieWorld started long ago. When she was but a child, Kim made her modeling debut in a 1988 photoshoot with Barbie Magazine. By her own admission, Kanye West willingly risked a work stoppage by union employees just to bring the KKW Barbie into fruition. The wedded "power couple" are likely waiting in vain, to reveal plans for a Kanye "Ken" doll. Anything and everything he missed out on as a child will be commissioned in Kanye's adult life, trust you be.