Are you ready for round two of Kanye West's injurious claims against Drake - did you really think we'd seen the end of it? Well this morning just before 11 am, Kanye West took to Twitter to air out even more grievances, this time concerning a report that Drake had "re-followed" his wife Kim Kardashian on Instagram, much to his dismay. His response was telling. He asked, "Imagine having a problem with somebody and they follow your wife on Instagram?" - a rhetorical device he must hope will galvanize his Twitter base.

Kanye does have a point; keeping your nemesis' wife within arms reach makes little sense, from a sensible point of view. Insecurities aside, adultery is a heartbreaking sin, so says the Bible, and Kanye West has a lot to gain from getting his message across, in regards to his own piece of mind.

Kanye West abruptly brought his Twitter spree to close with a message of convalescence. "Love everyone," Kanye opined, as he reached for the breakfast tray pully once again. Last time out, Drake shrugged things off, but not before a personal phone call was placed with little result. Keep it peeled for updates, Kanye West is prone to second and third helpings.