Prior to the weekend, Kanye West turned heads by sharing a video of a young Drake spitting bars. He's back on that wave, posting another old video of himself and the rapper during a 2016 performance.

Kanye West is currently in the headlines because of his activity on social media (when is he not?) because of a few tweets he sent out in the last few hours. First, he attracted the world's attention when he exposed a "fake employee" on his payroll, calling out the woman he claimed was not supposed to be on salary for the world to unravel the mystery behind who she is. Then, West continued to turn heads by posting a video of himself and Drake performing together.

The reason why this is such a big deal is because, for the last several years, Kanye and Drake have been throwing subliminal shots at one another, leading many to believe that there was beef brewing between them. Now that Kanye has posted two videos of his supposed rival, it's looking likely that he wants to reconcile their friendship, sneaking back onto Drake's good side to amend wherever they went wrong.

The video is question was a retweet that claims, "Calabasas is the new Abu Dhabi." It shows Drake and Kanye performing "Pop Style" at the OVO Festival in 2016.

Do you think Drake would be open to meeting with Kanye to repair their relationship?