Kanye West has made no effort to cover up his hatred toward Nike, the company he left in favor of adidas, but many were surprised when we called out another major clothing brand, PUMA, for trying to "divide the family" with its efforts to court a deal with Kylie Jenner. He went as far as to say, "1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything. That's on my family! 1000% Kylie is on Yeezy team!!!" 

Well, it now seems as though Yeezy was misguided in his calculations, as PUMA has officially confirmed its partnership with the youngest Jenner sister. "I am pleased and excited to be able to confirm that PUMA is indeed working with Kylie Jenner," said Adam Petrick, PUMA's Global Director of Brand and Marketing, in an official statement, reports Complex

"Kylie will be featured in the brand's Spring/Summer women's training campaign launching in April 2016," continued Petrick. "Kylie represents a fresh and exciting new era for fashion, and we couldn't think of a more fitting and influential female to headline this campaign for PUMA." 

Earlier today, a TMZ reporter caught up with Kanye at LAX, and by then, he was already aware of his ill-fated PUMA tweets. When asked if Kylie had gone behind his back to sneak a deal with PUMA, a rival of adidas, Kanye replied, "She had already signed, and I was mad for a bit." 

Thus, it seems the deal was already in place when Kanye had sent out the tweets claiming Kylie for team Yeezy, and it's probably wasn't a pretty sight when Kanye found out about the deal. He's now over it, however, as he went on to tell the reporter, "I'm really happy for her though." 

After refusing a subsequent question about Kylie and PUMA, Kanye went on to explain to the paparazzi how adidas has been the only major company to ever support him. Watch below.