Kanye West has been known to receive spontaneous thought bursts, which he frequently voices on his Twitter page. Occasionally, he will use his platform to preach his message. Other times, he will reach out to fellow creatives, as he once did with Rick And Morty mastermind Justin Roiland. Now, it would appear that Yeezy has set his sights on another pioneer, this time being the legendary Bob Dylan. "Calling out to Bob Dylan Let’s get together," writes Kanye, though neglecting to tag Bob's official Twitter account; hopefully the word of mouth generated is enough to reach the Nobel prize winner's ear. 

While it's curious as to what manner of concoction Kanye and Bob Dylan might ultimately create, it would certainly be interesting to see the pair link up. There are many who regard Dylan among the best songwriters of all time; a collaboration would likely discourage any references to fake asses and/or "ass shots" from Yeezy. Perhaps it would encourage Kanye to actually put pen to pad, though it's entirely possible the result would fly closer to his Paul McCartney collaborations, in a more melodic vein. Either way, let's see if this one has any legs.