While Kendrick Lamar did take home a few awards this year, any rap fan will tell you that the Grammys still have a long way to come as far as representing hip-hop culture. Kanye West, who has always been pretty vocal when he's sees injustice at an award show, has spoken his mind about the Grammys and the artists they chose to snub this year on Twitter.

The rapper stressed that he felt the Grammys are "super important," but was upset by the fact that ASAP Rocky's "LSD" video (directed by Dexter Navy) did not win in its category, and that Future was not asked to perform, despite "own[ing] the clubs last summer". He followed that up with the very real question: "Has anyone at the Grammys ever heard March Madness???".

"You like your black people a certain way also," he wrote, declaring that we need to see both Future and Young Thug at the Grammys, "not just me and Jay in a suit".

He's looking to sit down with Neil Portnow, the president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to discuss his position as soon as possible.

Toward the end of his thoughts, he announced he has a "new album coming this summer," which is certainly exciting news. 

Check out his many tweets on the subject below. Do you agree?