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Kanye West Says He Promised President Obama He’d Produce On Nas’ Next Album

  Mar 04, 2016 23:38
Kanye West says he made a promise to President Obama that he'd produce on Nas' next album.

Kanye West was back at with the twitter fingers Friday night, but this time he wasn’t ranting or causing drama. Instead, the G.O.O.D. Music leader gave fans something look forward to other than his upcoming Turbo Graphx16 album when he announced that he'd be producing on Nas' next album, or least at that's what he promised President Obama anyways.

The tweet surfaces just hours after 'Ye & Nas linked up in the sandy desert of Mojave, California to shoot the music video for French Montana’s Wave Gods collab “Figure It Out.” (see photos here) So they had just spent the entire afternoon together.

'Ye followed up the promise, by adding that “we need to bring Max B, Lord (Timothy Ballard) and Barkim back home @nas @FrenchMontana#Harlem#QB” in a tweet. Ironically, it was just a couple weeks ago when French revealed that Kanye didn't even know who Max B was originally, but I guess things have changed.

As for when that Nas album could be coming? That's anyone guess, but its anticipation just got that much bigger. Check out Kanye's tweets below.

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top comment

Got mad love for Kanye but he has to be one of the most random niggas ALIVE

Kanye needs to shut the fuck up already, fuck u

Do something about it

- Mar 6, 2016

Kanye Kardashian

Stoner P
- Mar 5, 2016


- Mar 5, 2016

Kanye needs to shut the fuck up already.

- Mar 5, 2016

Kanye, Obama has stated multiple times publicly that he doesn't want to be associated with you...that's why Hov n B been distancing themselves from you and your xxx star gutter rat wife...Obama rocks with the carters. I could see them 4 sitting around a table clowning the fuck outta you. Stop name dropping that dude.

- Mar 5, 2016

this is the best news ive heard in years! my two inspirations! thats what music does... unites

Filet Mignon
- Mar 5, 2016

Damn Ye making deals with the President. I bet he tryna make deals with Kim Jong Un too

7mile PiFF
- Mar 5, 2016

Two of my favorite all time rappers doing music again 👌🏾

Art Vandelay
- Mar 5, 2016

obama is trash just like kendricks untitled unmastered album

Donn McBride
- Mar 5, 2016

George wouldn't say that

Original soda
- Mar 5, 2016

The GOAT of hip hop needs to release new music FrFr nas really is at the top, hope yeezy produce some classics FrFr #MightyEmpire

- Mar 5, 2016

Its all Art

Ariana Grande
- Mar 5, 2016

WOW KANYE WEST IS SUCH AN LEADER!!!! he didn't even know who max b was until about a month ago according to french. who the fuck is he kidding?

So were you banging The Weeknd or not?

@ top comment, If he just shot a video with nas and French Montana and now he's tweeting about nas and French Montana then how tf is this random??

Harry Styles
- Mar 5, 2016

We got the coolest president alive

Jigga Boo Twelvi
- Mar 5, 2016

Fuck outta here, UK is terrible. Y'all niggas mad that US influenced more than UK, in every aspect.

- Mar 5, 2016

@KrispyKreme I think he's referring to Kanye, since Kanye will most likely be producing Nas next album and also said he'll be running for President in 2020.

- Mar 5, 2016

What happens if he breaks his promise?

- Mar 5, 2016

Lol he wont be endorsed for 2020

Donn McBride
- Mar 5, 2016

@VonDoom lol

Mighty Duck
- Mar 5, 2016

I hate Kanye these days bruh

- Mar 5, 2016

Nobody wants another Nas album though, dude hasn't been hot since the 90s.

Real Talk Str8 Up
- Mar 5, 2016

but he dropped a hot album in 2012

- Mar 5, 2016

speak for yourself. I want another Nas album after the classic he dropped "life is good"

Bruce Lee
- Mar 5, 2016

You are a nobody

Ye is a legend and if he produces for Nas then watch the song be great. Both of these dudes in my top 5 DOA

ye will forvever be a legend, but even without kanye, nas will deliver his best.

the holy one
- Mar 5, 2016

so much potential, live by the gun die by the gun RIP Bankroll Fresh

Uncle Ruckus
- Mar 5, 2016

The Three Anegros. The end of this niggas presidency can't come soon enough, Taylor Swift is about to end Kanye's career, and Nas... I can't even troll Nas is just too great

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