South Korean fashion brand Gentle Monster has enlisted the help of Kanye West, Malik Yusef, Pharrell Williams, and Vic Mensa to help launch their "Collection 13" marketing push. The whole process entails Kanye West producing an original composition for the brand's new ad campaign, written in part by Malik Yusef, who as you might recall was recently accused of forging Yeezy's signature in order to seal a fraudulent contract.

Pharrell Williams is spared the burden of compositional duties - instead, he and Vic Mensa provide inspirational vocals for the video credited simply as "13 MUSIC." Mensa also doubles as an actor for the music video, in a brief scene where his character wrestles with a prosthetic arm. Not to mention, actor Michael K. Williams also pops up for a one-second cameo where he finicks with one those bead mazes you find in the doctor's office as a child.

As since going to press a few days ago, Gentle Monster has vowed to publish more conceptual video/songs as such, albeit with a whole different roster of artists. Gentle Monster's "13" collection, generally focusing on high fashion eyewear and sunglasses, can be viewed on their website here. Before you do, reckon with the four-headed monster that is Kanye-Vic-Pharrell and Malik - what do you make of their collaborative efforts?