Over the course of Kanye West career, he's not only dropped classic albums on numerous occasions, but he's also managed to become one of the most impactful creative forces. Of course, none of that would be done without a solid team behind him. However, a new report says that one person that's been standing in his corner through the years has parted ways from Kanye.

Kanye West's longtime manager, Izzy Zivkovic has split from Kanye's camp, Billboard reports. Zivkovic began managing Kanye West roughly around the time he released his critically acclaimed, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in 2010. The reasons why he's departed from Kanye's team is still unclear at this point.

As of now, it's expected that Scooter Braun will handle all of Kanye West's management ordeals. It should also be noted that Scooter was reportedly not involved in anything to do with Zivkovic's departure. 

Prior to leaving Kanye's management team, Izzy added artists such as Arcade Fire, Banks, Jack Garatt and Kevin Garrett to his Split Second Management team. 

Hopefully, this doesn't impact the release of his forthcoming project in any way. The rapper was reported to be back in Wyoming working on his next project. Artists such as Drake, Travis Scott, King Louie, Lil Uzi Vert, Pi'erre Bourne, Nas and Kid Cudi have been reported as working on the project.