Kanye West's big interview with Kris Jenner finally aired today. The interview saw Kanye not in typical form, as he discussed openly his love for Kim Kardashian, his mother and father, why he hates the paparazzi and never smiles, his new baby North West, and even a little religion. 'Ye seemed a little bit nervous during the interview, but he nonetheless kept his composure and showed off his teeth with a smile pretty often.

The interview is nearing 50-minutes, so if you don't feel like watching 'Ye talk about Kim for almost an hour we've grabbed some excerpts from throughout their conversation. Read the quotes below.

On First Meeting Kim & Being In Love With Her:

 "I'm tryna remember if the first time we met was her being in the studio when she was Brandy's assistant and I think she brought us in something to drink. Or it might have been when I was doing Brandy's video and I saw her and I asked my manager, 'who is that girl right there?' and he's like, 'oh you mean Kim?'"

"I was in love with her before I ever got to talk with her."

"Of course being in the limelight you have to have a match...it's difficult 'cause there's people that would try to date you to be more famous, or people want you to be less famous than your were, and just not accept who you are in life." 

"When my mom passed it was very difficult and hard to find love."

"There's times when I wasn't with her, I wanted to be with her so bad I thought about taking up sports."

"I just dreamed about being next to her. I keep saying it but I don't wanna jump up and down on the couch."

On Hating The Paparazzi & Never Smiling In Public:

"It's hard to smile when you know that people, for one thing, they're around you only to make money off of you. If you're around people that are only there to make money off of you, you already feel like, wait a second these aren't your friends. If you're around your friends, your friends make you smile."

"At a certain point there's just boundaries that need to be set. And I'm going to talk to the mayor of L.A. and the mayor of New York about zoning, that I should be able to drive my daughter to school without twenty people putting other people in danger."

"The thing that makes me more happy than anything is to NOT see them, so if you see them, obviously I'm not gunna smile. It becomes a bit of an emotional bully, like someone taunting you as you get on an airplane or go to get yogurt. When I was young, the only time I saw that was when someone was on trial for murder, you didn't see that when someone was going to get yogurt."

"The only thing I wanna do in life is help people, that's what so disturbing about being written up in society as being some type of enemy."

On North West:

"There's someone more important to us, than us, for the first time."

"The last thing I would want to happen to my daughter is some crazy, drunk, black guy in a leather shirt to cut her off at an awards show."

"I'm going to give her the opportunity to develop her different skill sets and then decide what she likes to do the best. Maybe she has a knack for something."

On His Father & The Importance Of Family:

"He [my dad] was a photo-journalist in Atlanta. But my dad was really artistic in the way he took photographs. I got all of my artistic ability from my dad and my musical ability from my mom's side, so I mix those things."

"There's only one brand now and that's family."

"After I lost my mother there were times I felt like I would put my life at risk, at time I felt like sometimes I didn't have something to live for, and now I have two really special people to live for, a whole family to live for, a whole world to live for."

On Religion:

"I'm a Christian. It's important to me that I grow, and walk and raise my family with Christian values."