One of the most pleasant surprises of the last few months is Kanye's newfound interest in Twitter. Before he would use the social media platform to post pics from the Yeezy Season 2 release or avoid it altogether. But recently he's used it to post updates from the studio, share new music and go full Dad-mode, venting about in-app purchases and uttering phrases like "Un momento."

'Ye delivered another Twitter gem Tuesday afternoon. "This is not the album of the year," he wrote of SWISH. "This is album of the life."

True to form, Kanye is feeling super optimistic about SWISH. And between "No Parties in LA" & "Real Friends," why shouldn't he? The album is slated to debut at Madison Square Garden on February 11th... keep an eye to see if he drops off one more G.O.O.D. Fridays track before then.