Kanye West was in New York recently, and in addition to visiting Angie Martinez at Hot 97, he also stopped by The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 yesterday morning. You know shit's going down when Charlmagne Tha God and Kanye West are in the same place, and true to form, Charlmagne doesn't hesitate in calling out Kanye on multiple levels.

Within the first three minutes and a half of the interview, Charlmagne says that he thinks Yeezus is wack. Kanye responds simply by saying "yeah, that's great," before turning his head to ignore C Tha God and address DJ Envy. As they get more into things, Yeezy is asked to explain what the concept was for his ridiculous "Bound 2" video with Kim Kardashian.

Kanye explains, "I wanted to take white trash t-shirts and make it into a video." He confirms that, yes, he purposefully made the visual look "bad." "Yes. I wanted it to look as phony as possible. I wanted the clouds to go in one direction, the mountains to go in another, the horses to go over there, I wanted to show that this is the "Hunger Games" this is the type of imagery that's being presented to all of us, the only difference is there's a black dude in the middle of it."

He added, "I ain't got a problem with looking stupid."

As the discussion turns to Yeezus, Kanye compares songs off this recent project to a record off his critically acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. "'On Sight' ain't the best version of itself, but it was on a timeline. 'All The Lights' took to two years, 'On Sight' took four months. If 'On Sight' took two years and I listened to it more, you'd have more."

Kanye continued, "'All The Lights' is a futurist song that started out as a Jeezy record with horns on it, then we put in another bridge, then Dream wrote the hook, then Rihanna sang it, and by the time you got it, it was to the level of like, the Nike Flyknit or something like that. 'On Sight' and Yeezus is literally a listening session for the world."

Kanye gets on his usual ranting tip through out the latter half of the 42-minute interview, discussing the paparazzi, his comments about how no one cares what the First Lady is wearing, how all he wants to do is sell "product" (at a reasonable price, he claims), his focus on the future, and more.

Other quotable gems:

"Eve made Adam eat a apple, and then it became illegal to be naked." This one came out of nowhere, as Kanye had been discussing how he wants to make clothing...so we're not sure what point he was trying to prove. When Charlmagne expressed his complete confusion, Ye added, "It's in the bible." Right.

Kanye also admits, "It's Drake Season."

As for being Charlmagne's 'Donkey of the Day,' Kanye has no problem with it. "I might not have the song of the day, but I got the Donkey of the Day...Hate and love are very similar emotions. The opposite of love is you don't care."

Watch the full interview below.