The election is getting closer and Kanye West has not been campaigning whatsoever. Perhaps he's finally come to terms that he didn't make the ballot in enough states to win the election. Over the weekend, it was reported that Kanye was nominated as the vice-presidential candidate in California for the American Independent Party led by Rocky De La Fuente. According to TMZ, this was a strategic move to siphon votes from Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Vice-Chairman of the AIP Markham Robinson told the outlet that they strategically chose Kanye West as their VP candidate but didn't inform anyone including Ye and De La Fuente. Robinson explained that 'Ye was a perfect person who's political views aligned with theirs. He said it would also help them steal Democratic votes as well as the "Never Trump" Republicans.

De La Fuente wasn't pleased about choosing 'Ye, though he's fine with how it's played out. He said that Kanye is obviously a popular pick among their 18-25 demographic, hoping this could ultimately land him in third place in California. 

So far, no word from 'Ye about his VP nomination in California. However, Kanye and De La Fuente are running against each other in other states in the upcoming election.