Kanye West and Nas are no strangers. The pair previously collaborated a handful of times, including Hip Hop Is Dead cuts "Still Dreaming" and "Let There Be Light," Lost Tapes "Poppa Was A Player," as well as Late Registration's "We Major." The chemistry even led to a presidential co-sign; back in 2016, Barack Obama apparently made Kanye promise to contribute to Nas' upcoming (and still unreleased) album. Today, we're currently awaiting drops from both artists. While Nas tends to operate within his wheelhouse, Kanye has a proven track record of reinventing himself with every album. 

It's hard to predict where Mr. West might be headed on his upcoming project, but some have speculated a return to the College Dropout is imminent; West was recently spotted working on something with Mos Def and Talib Kweli. Now, new photos have surfaced of Kanye West and Nas chilling in Miami. An educated guess points to a studio session, although it could be reasoned that the duo were simply playing catch up. Still, if you were Kanye, would you really want to break your vow to Obama? Does honor mean nothing?

It would appear that CyHi The Prynce was also privy to the meeting of minds. The No Dope On Sundays rapper shared this picture on Instagram, which finds him posted up with the legendary Queens rapper. Note that Nas is wearing the same outfit in both the CyHi and Ye pictures; perhaps The Prynce will find himself involved in this collaboration.

Check out the pictures of Nas and Kanye right here