It looks like Kanye West's Sunday Service event is here to stay. Although there were reports that it was done in March, that clearly wasn't the case since he took his star-studded weekly event to Empire Polo Grounds for a one-off performance on Easter at Coachella. Of course, a performance from Kanye West wouldn't be complete without overpriced merchandise. Although he faced criticism for monetizing off of faith, he clearly isn't fazed by it. In fact, he's clearly trying to milk every dollar out of the Sunday Service wave. According to TMZ, Kanye West has filed documents to copyright Sunday Service for the use of clothing, dresses, footwear, and other types of merchandise. If things are cleared for Yeezy, he'll have the right to use the copyright for the purpose of new merch.

Aside from his forthcoming Sunday Service merch, he and Kim Kardashian recently made headlines for their attempt to get A$AP Rocky out of Swedish prison. As you're probably aware, the couple has a pretty tight relationship with Donald Trump. Kim's worked with Trump on her prison reform campaign while Kanye's expressed his support for the MAGA campaign. Unfortunately, Trump's efforts didn't work in the way they wanted and the PM of Sweden made it clear after the call was made that Rocky wouldn't get special treatment because he's a celebrity.