Merely one week removed from praising "the way Candace Owen thinks" on Twitter, Kanye West has taken his admiration one step further. It would appear that Kanye West actually arranged a meeting with the controversial Conservative mind, who garnered a following through her Red Pill Black YouTube channel. Naturally, the co-sign from West seemed to irk a vocal number of his fanbase, who immediately seemed to feel like Yeezy was backsliding. While he did manage to vocalize his perspective on his latest single "Ye Vs. The People," there are some who remain unconvinced.

The watchful eye of TeamKanyeDaily captured a few flicks of their meeting, which took place at the Southern California Institute Of Architecture. The pair decided to keep their meeting low key, with neither one making reference to it on their respective Twitter accounts. Evidently, one has to wonder what manner of discourse transpired. Time will tell, but so far, Kanye's return has been one for the ages. As it stands, Ebro thinks little of this union.

Not only has Kanye been chopping it up with Owens, but he was recently seen watching a video from Canadian thinker Jordan Peterson, who has become one of the more popular figures in Conservative circles. Needless to say, those completely put off by the thought of Republicans will no doubt find themselves channeling their inner T.I, who railed against Kanye on the politically charged new single "Ye Vs. The People." Yet perhaps some may find themselves intrigued by Kanye's message of widespread acceptance, especially from those with opposing viewpoints. From afar, it all feels like absurdist theatre; the surreal circumstances continue to baffle.