It looks like Kanye West might have to fight for the right to use the “Yeezy” nickname. According to a report from TMZ, a Chinese company apparently came out of nowhere and swindled their way behind Kanye’s back last year and filed trademark paperwork in an effort to use the popular Yeezy brand name.

Kanye's company has owned the Yeezy name for footwear since 2013, but for whatever reason abandoned the trademark for other clothing items besides shoes in 2017. The Chinese company, Fujian Baby Network Technology Co., reportedly seized the opportunity by immediately filing trademark paperwork for the term "Yeezy Boost" for its clothing products.

The media outlet says Kanye’s company then refiled its application for Yeezy clothing, but the trademark office said not so fast because the Chinese company now had the rights to it.

Kanye shouldn't have to worry about this trademark issue affecting future Yeezy sneakers, but if he wants to expand business and start making other clothing items with the name “Yeezy” on it he might be in for a legal battle.

This report comes in the midst of Kanye working on his next album in Wyoming. If you missed it, the likes of Drake, Lil Uzi, Nas, Kid Cudi, Travis and more have all been out there in the past weeks to help him.

We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.