It's not every day that you come across a talking tree. Actually, the chances of that happening in your entire lifetime are pretty slim. Being the superstar that he is, Kanye West gets to enjoy certain luxuries that we may never experience. He lives in his dream home, has countless platinum records, and opportunities to interact with a talking tree.

The recording artist visited the Fairchild Garden in Miami while he was in the city, taking in the natural beauties of the world. One thing that stood out enough for Ye to tweet about it was his interaction with a talking tree. Kanye faced the tree as it asked him, "What are you famous for?" Ye cheekily responded that he's famous for "everything." The tree then asked him if he makes Yeezys in size "tree," which was a question that was bothering him for a hot minute.

Later on, the tree even flexes his beatboxing skills. Kanye was feeling it, shaking to the beat as he tried to think of a freestyle to impress his new friend. "Kanye, have you ever met a beatboxing tree," asked the tree. "I think I have now," responded Ye.

The entire exchange is pretty funny. Kanye clearly had a good time interacting with nature, posting several photos and videos from his visit.