Just a few hours ago, we learned that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding ceremony will be held on May 24th in Florence, Italy. Some of that information came from an interview West gave to Florence newspaper La Nazione last week, and upon further examination, that very same interview seems to hold at least some small details about the rapper/producer's upcoming album.

Though there was a clear language barrier, and Google Translate leaves something to be desired in its translation of the interview, West said something about his new album being "Made In Florence." Some sites, including Fake Shore Drive, have speculated that this pertains not only to the making of the album, but also its title, as the phrase was capitalized in the original article, but it's very unclear what was meant by West's statement. Read the Google-translated question and answer in which the phrase appears below.

"In these days he has been working on a new album?"

"Yes, here in the silence of the countryside, when I finish watching fabrics, embroidery and clothes that are like sculptures to me, pick me because I'm composing an album Made in Florence. "

As the translation is obviously a bit off here (it's hard to picture anyone, even West, "watching fabrics"), "Made In Florence" more likely refers literally to the making of West's new album than it reveals an album title. The phrasing in the Italian version, "sto componendo un album tutto Made in Florence,"backs this up, as the word "tutto," omitted from the translated version, means "all," so West probably meant he made all of his new album while in Florence. Then again, why were the words "Made In" left in English in the Italian version, and not changed to "fatto a Florence," which is how you say the phrase in Italian?

Let us know your thoughts and personal theories below.