Earlier today, Kanye West sent out yet another tweet simply stating. "I love the way Candace Owens thinks." From what we've gathered since the message was aired out to his 12.4 million followers is that Candace is a "lover of toxic masculinity" who thinks Donald Trump "isn’t just the leader of the free world, but the savior of it as well."

Since Kanye put Candace on the map even more, a video has since been making its rounds on the web of Candace speaking at UCLA, talking about "victim mentality versus victor mentality." She questions why people "like being oppressed" saying it's embarrassing for Black people to utilize their grandparent's history of slavery to oppress themselves. Of course, no one knows for sure if Kanye actually agrees with her or just agrees with how freely she's speaking. Azealia Banks on the other hand completely disagrees with her and has let it be known with a lengthy Instagram post. 

"What kind of ridiculous rhetoric is this?" the "212" rapper says. "How could you try and minimize the sufferance of your fellow black Americans and the entirety of our ancestry just to promote even more baseless social ideologies??"

She adds: "Black people are the ONLY people in the world who are forced by overly articulate “logic” to forget about the past and this is only done to make sure we have no plans for the future aside from adhering to more prescriptions of life from white supremacy. I don’t think you get that the ENTIRE first world rests and replies upon a systematically oppressed underclass of primarily black and brown bodies to provide free labor and free resources in order to secure it’s freedoms."

Read her full statement below.