Art Basel is arguably one the art world's most popular events. The international art fair occurs every year in various locations: Basel, Switzerland, Miami Beach, Florida, and Hong Kong. This year's fair in Miami Beach attracted a number of celebrities including G-Eazy, Travis Scott, Jenifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pharell, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West

In a series of recently published Instagram posts, Kanye can be seen picking up a new skill: skateboarding. The multitalented recording artist, producer, and fashion designer proved to be an eager student in video clips shared to Instagram by Jenkem Magazine. The "I Love It" artist was taped conversing with filmographer Alex Raspa. “Teach me how to ollie right now,” Kanye can be heard telling a skateboarding toting Raspa in the first clip.

In the next video, Raspa takes a hands-on approach and shows Kanye how to execute an ollie with the correct form. “You gotta be comfortable," he tells the father of three, encouraging him to “Do a little one!” Kanye's first attempt is met with a smalle round of applause and kind words form the people surrounding him. In a different video published on YouTube, Kanye, clearly a fast and confident learner, attempts to do a few ollies in a row.  “I need some air though," he tells his admirers. "Don't give me no dap for that weak ass shit.”