For months on end, Kanye West fans have been left wondering when his new album would be appearing officially on streaming services. There has been an unfortunate series of leaks with Yandhi being uploaded online as ringtones. It would appear as though Yandhi has been indefinitely shelved but thankfully, we can expect another body of work from the prolific 42-year-old at the end of this week. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While Jesus Is King may not arrive directly at midnight -- let's be honest, this is still Kanye we're talking about -- a release date of October 25 has been confirmed. Adding weight to that was the stellar listening session at Los Angeles' iconic The Forum last night. As reported by TMZ, the superstar recording artist hosted a special party on Wednesday evening, innovating once again by turning the interior of the already beautiful venue to an oasis. The decor was set up to resemble the first Sunday Service landscape with long grasses installed to mimic the look of his earlier choir-assisted performances. After a thirty-minute screening of the Jesus Is King IMAX accompaniment, the musical piece of art was played to the crowd of hundreds and it's noticeably different from anything we've heard before from Kanye. The man is innovating once again.

As noted in the report, the full project features minimal cursing, stellar production and a complete shift in Ye's usual songwriting scructure. As expected, the album is gospel-based with many mentions of Jesus and God throughout the tracklist.

Keep your eyes peeled for the imminent release of JIK.