This entire year has felt like one massive simulation that keeps glitching to the point where everything that happens next is increasingly more ridiculous than the last. Perhaps one of the more bizarre things to happen this year is Kanye West's intentions to run for President of the United States. While some thought this was a joke, it's actually very much real. West has already had a campaign rally and recently, he received a positive update on his candidacy in the state of Utah.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the state of Utah has officially approved West's candidacy. In order to get on the ballot, West needed 1,000 registered voters to sign a petition, and luckily for the artist, he was able to do just that. Now, voters in the state will be able to cast their vote for West, if they so choose.

Kanye West

Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren

Ye is also on the ballot in states like Arkansas and Colorado although he still has a long way to go before he will be eligible in all 50 states. There have been rumors that West's campaign was issued by the Trump campaign as a way to take away from Biden, however, West has denied these claims.

As we approach election day, there will certainly be more updates regarding West's campaign, so stay tuned for more information.