CNBC has published their findings on Kanye West's diverse stock portfolio. For the session beginning on December 26, 2017 and closing on July 26, 2018, Kanye West essentially beat the market at a 40 percent clip. Some of Kanye's better known investments include shares of Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Adidas and Disney, which on the surface all seem like safe bets do they not?

The 40 percent performance rating is calculated by the S&P 500 Index , a stock market listing based on market capitalizations of the fortune 500. The portfolio that CNBC is speaking of, is actually a mark up chosen by Kanye for his wife Kim Kardashian.

Among his investments, Netflix has profited from all-time high usership. Even so, company officials failed to attain their lofty subscriber projections, resulting in a 14 percent drop for the first time in over a year (five quarters).

Kanye also invested in Amazon, a company that has reshaped the way we conceive of the retail marketplace. In the coming year, expect their stocks to soar, and for traditional retailers to be run out of business.

Adidas benefitted from the World Cup to post significant gains. Disney may be the weakest of the lot, but all that could change in matter of seconds if they were to usurp another media company. They'd have to bowl a nifty spare to convince Kanye West to go all-in.