In the immortal words of Leeroy Jenkins, "at least I have chicken." Such is reality for the legendary Kanye West, who recently found himself standing victorious above a box of chicken with big dreams and an empty gullet. Evidently, Yeezy and Kim Kardashian recently pulled up to Teyana Taylor's listening party, where they were granted a private backstage dressing room. Lining the tables was a plethora of goodies, including gummy bears, Teyana Taylor merch, and most importantly, Popeyes Chicken. 

Kim makes a valiant effort at documenting their arrival, complete with guided tour. All well and good, though the true spectacle is going on behind her. Kanye seems to have decided to skip saying grace, diving straight into the chicken with reckless abandon. No time for Snapchat updates when there is hot food on the table.

Even a man standing two inches away from Kim Kardashian can't resist the seemingly magnetic pull of fried chicken in an enclosed space. In fact, while writing this riveting piece, it's difficult to not furiously scratch my neck in a fiendish gesture. In all seriousness, there's something endearing about Ye's sheer adherence to Maslow's hierarchy of needs; it's rare that we, the layman, relate to such an enigmatic figure. In this chicken-residue-stained moment, we are all Kanye.