It's still surprising to a generation of Kanye West fans that he not only married but has gone on to have four children with Kim Kardashian. The couple is undeniably happy and in love, but back in the day, there was no way of knowing that 'Ye would be tied to the First Family of reality television. Regardless of the public's approval, the pair have accomplished much in the seven years that they've been together, and while Kim has built an entire brand from living her life out loud, Kanye remains private...with the occasional outbursts.

Recently, Kim posed for the cover of Vogue Arabia and was interviewed for the magazine by her husband. He made sure to cover a wide range of topics—from fame to money to their children to education to her business ventures—but 'Ye made sure to ask her about their early lives together. He inquired as to what she thought of him when they first met, and she remembered that it was before he even released his first album and was just known as a producer.

"I was really shy. You thought I was Brandy’s assistant, which I wasn’t," Kim said. "Ever since you said that, it’s everywhere… like 'Kim is Brandy’s assistant.' I was her friend and stylist. [laughs]. I thought you were attractive, nice, very charming, really funny, powerful – I was in awe of you, but I was really shy, quiet, and a little nervous, to be honest."

She also admitted that she was heavily addicted to fame when she began to make headlines as a socialite and, well, there was that whole thing with Ray J. "I do agree that fame can be addictive and it took me a long time to recognize how lost you can become when you put too much focus on it," Kim stated. "People often ask me, 'Money or fame?' My focus has always been on success, and with success comes money. I’m at this place now where I am not concerned anymore about fame but if you would have asked me this question 10 years ago, I probably would have said that fame and money were of equal importance. My focus has shifted a lot." You can read more about how she knew he was the one and why she sees the West family living in Wyoming here.