According to Vulture, David Letterman has indeed interviewed Kanye West for his upcoming Netflix special. There's no word as to whether the interview trimming will make it through the final cuts. At least one person in the room is commenting that Letterman's conversation with Kanye revolved around their respective mental health issues.

When contacted, Netflix would neither confirm or deny Kanye's association with the project. But rest assured, Letterman isn't going to the footage go to waste. "Anecdotal evidence," as it were, has begun proliferating across Twitter after the issuance of the 1st report - the greatest evidence of which exists in the form of fans posting their ticket receipts. Many of the audience members holding up tickets say Kim Kardashian was in some way involved in the process.

Even New York Times comedy correspondent Jason Zinoman hinted at the possibility of a "meeting of the minds," earlier in the week. But all things considered, the upcoming season of Letterman's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is still without a premiere date. Rumor has it, David Letterman has at least one other interview in the bag, on top of the Kanye-taping. All signs point to the 2nd season debuting some time in the summer if everything goes to plan.