Aside from some of the more hardcore animal activists out there, who doesn't love the zoo? Earth's creatures are truly fascinating to behold. Where else can Americans and Canadians see such noble and majestic creatures as the hippopotamus or the giraffe? Kanye West clearly understands the sheer joy associated with animal observation. Perhaps tired of the dormant Wyoming wildlife, Kanye has returned to the public eye for a laid-back family excursion. With Kim, North, and Saint in tow, the West-Kardashian clan hit up a family outing, where Kanye seemed in high spirits. Perhaps the animals were particularly lively that day. 

A few pictures of the event can be seen below. It's nice to see Kanye having a good time; while the narrative surrounding his relationship can sometimes venture into dark and outlandish places, in truth, the Kanye & Kim union has outlasted many a hip-hop couple. In any case, the Wests clearly came through on the parental front, as both North and Saint seemed to be having a great time. Discovering animals is one of childhood's many unbridled joys. 

Check out some of the snaps from Kanye's zoo trip, including a particularly heartwarming depiction of father and son. Perhaps this return to civilization means that Kanye's untitled album has reached an integral step in its development. Perhaps he simply grew tired of being surrounded by rappers in a confined studio space.