While the world has been carefully following Kanye's whereabouts in anticipation for the release of his mysterious new album, alongside the typical rappers and producers, Yeezy had also been spotted with former Marvel Entertainment CEO David Maisel. 

Kanye has always expressed his admiration for those he considers visionary, Walt Disney among them. Coincidentally, Maisel was also the architect behind the deal to sell Marvel Studios to Disney, spawning the era of superhero blockbusters that we find ourselves in.

While the exact relationship between the two of them is unknown as of now, the pair have been spotted together several times. Maisel was supposedly present at Kanye's secret recording compound in Wyoming as well. 

While fans are speculating exactly what this could mean, we have a pretty strong hint in the form of Mythos Studios. The studio, announced as a partnership between Maisel and Kanye's manager Scooter Braun, is looking to develop new properties for live action and animated series. In a report from The New York Times, Scooter has no reservations about casting his own roster of talent in the studio's productions. "I’ve already had conversations with certain talent that are very excited about being a part of this," Braun said. "If you tell a great story, people will care.”

So it seems highly likely that we'll be getting something from Kanye and Mythos Studios. Given Ye's and Kim's noted enthusiam for anime, perhaps we'll be seeing something along those lines? Whenever something gets announced, we'll be sure to let you know.