Kanye West looks for maximum crowd participation at his shows, recently calling for moshpits at his Made In America festival performance. During a concert in Sydney, Australia, Ye was looking for a similar level of engagement, stopping the show when he noticed a few fans weren't standing during the triumphant, "Good Life".

"I can't do this song if there's anybody in here sitting down," he said, before half-jokingly saying "Unless you're handicapped... I need you to pull out your handicapped parking slip right now."

Turns out, the fans who weren't standing had good reason not to be, with one reportedly using a wheelchair, while another held up a prosthetic leg (of which you can see a photo in the gallery above). 

Ye was totally cool to continue once he knew they had a valid excuse for taking a seat, and launched right back into more music after the slightly awkward delay. Check out some footage of the moment below.

Update: Watch more footage of Kanye confirming whether or not a fan is in a wheelchair before continuing his performance (Spoiler alert: he was). It looks as if the first video is from his performance in Melbourne, while this clip is from Sydney. Eyewitnesses also claim that the reported "prosthetic limb" may have actually been a crutch.