Former Dallas Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh has shown support for Kanye West in wake of the TMZ Live interview, in which 'Ye said, "When you hear about slavery for 400 years ... for 400 years? That sounds like a choice."

Sensabaugh, who is now running for mayor of Sullivan County, Tennessee, tells TMZ Sports that he understands where Kanye is coming from but admits that he should have went a different way about expressing his opinion.

"I agree with what Kanye was saying, but I think he needs to go a different way about expressing that."

"His choice of words were really bad, but I understand where he is coming from."

Sensabaugh continued on to say Kanye "doesn't mean any arm" and thinks people should be able to express how they feel about issues "without everybody getting so easily offended."

"His whole thing is that we're choosing to be enslaved by choosing to listen to the media outlets, we're letting people influence our thoughts, influence the way we do things, and I think that's what he meant."

"Kanye's a different guy," the former safety said ... "He's outspoken. He said Trump's his boy so expect him to have some Trump-ish ways but I don't think he means any harm."

"We should be able to express how we feel about issues without everybody getting so easily offended."

Check out Sensabaugh's full comments about Kanye's TMZ Live interview in the video below.