Kanye West has a lot of things on his plate right from -- an upcoming presidential election, a clothing brand etc. -- but in the past week or so, he's made it his mission to change the music industry for good. He's demanded that the major labels he's signed to allow him to buy back his masters while sharing his entire contract on Twitter for the world to read.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Now, it's no secret that Kanye West has a tight relationship with Elon Musk. The Tesla founder even joked that Kanye West was the person that inspired him the most, though he could've been serious. Kanye recently shared a screenshot of a text message exchange between himself and Musk. The screenshot reveals Ye's displeasure with the contracts the G.O.O.D Music artists signed, adding that it was the same lawyers that did his deal that did theirs.

"Will you change them? This would be powerful," Musk wrote in response.

"I will change them now," he wrote. 

At 3:01 p.m., Kanye sent Musk a screenshot of his Twitter profile after tweeting, "I’m giving all Good music artist back the 50% share I have of their masters."

Over the weekend, Kanye West shared a seven-point proposal for restructuring the music industry contracts. Much of it had to deal with royalties and masters, as well as label's offering advances on record deals. You can read all about that over here. Check out 'Ye's screenshot below.